Antoinette (Toni)

My career in hairdressing started in 1979 at West Kent College in Tonbridge. I was 17 years old so a relatively a late starter into hairdressing but had worked at my parents greengrocers for the previous year whilst deciding on my career choices. While training at college I had a Saturday job at P&A Hair Salon.

I can thank my parents for landing me this job as it was their idea to drop me off in Gillingham High Street every Saturday visiting every hairdressing salon on route, this route finished at the end of the day in Strood! This pilgrimage happened every week until a Salon gave me a job! Employment on Sunday was a lot easier having gained my NLPQ I became a Lifeguard at the local swimming pools.

Having left college I knew I wanted to specialise in all things associated with hairdressing. I set out looking to do all this on a cruise ship, but was advised that I need experience. So again I was in seek of local employment, which turn out to be very challenging; as apparently women could not cut hair in the 80s! Well not in a premium Salon anyway. I could however be employed as a colourist technician or perm technician. But as I said I wanted to do all things hairdressing and that included cutting.


After many turn downs I got skillful in getting into interviews, and managed to secure an interview at Serendipity hair salon (where I met Glenn) by posing as a male stylist under the name of Tony. Once at the interview I proved that women of that day actually could cut hair, and so secured a job as a stylist and technician in one of Medway’s premium salons.

Glenn and I worked together for eight years before breaking away and opening TAG, where we have been established for 28 years having gained Award winning status over the years and are now recognised as a 5 Star Salon with over 600 online reviews since setting up this system in the last 18 months.

We were recently invited to be prestigious Hub members for Goldwell and KMS international, which has only 100 members in the UK of which we are now one of.

The future looks to be just as exciting as the past!